I am JD and i am a Nurse 👨🏻‍⚕️ by profession but is not currently working in a clinical setting but I instead work for an insurance company here in the Philippines.

At times when life is suffocating, to travel is my escape. Literally! And oh, I love the beach so much that i spent most of my travels visiting beaches here in the Philippines – the likes of Kalanggaman Island, Bantayan Island, El Nido (Palawan) and ofcourse Glan Saranggani. There’s a lot more to mention. 

Not that i travel a lot. I travel when there is an available time. But if there isn’t, then i find time. LOL. 

Traveling alone is my thing as it helps me revive and reconnect to my inner being and is what i love to do – meeting people along the way and hearing their stories why they travel is fascinating and overwhelming most of the time. 
Now that i traveled most of the must visit places here in my home country, Philippines. I am now ready to jump into the beauty of the rest fo the world.

BTW, you may catch me on my Instagram account: @itsmejdee