FREE Unli Facebook with Photos!

I felt that soon when i found out about this current promo of Smart, i am paving my way as a certified phone phreaker! YES!

I was sold at a very long time in a 30-days text and call promo of  Smart. It went as long as that because all that i needed to go on with my life is enough call & text credits. That was before because later i realized i need a data subscription as well due to daily demands at work, and to stay tune with friends and family.

The task of getting the right data, text & call promo was quite a job for me because i have to stick with my current telco as i do not want to get a new mobile number. Went to Smart’s official website and went through all of their current data, call & text promo and that is where i learned about ALLOUT99. Knowing everything about promo is quite handy for me as everything was well explained at the page and i got so excited to try it out that i booked myself afternoon of the same day.

What will you get out of the 7 days validity ALLOUT99 subscription:

  • Unlimited Text to all networks
  • 100 minutes call to Smart, Talk n text and Sun
  • 1GB data for 7 days (any sites or app)
  • Above all, UNLI facebook!

What i got excited about the promo is that Unli Facebook is on top of the 1GB openaccess sites allocation which means you can scroll your facebook timeline all day without worrying them taking it against your 1GB allocation. Aside from that, your remaining data allowance will be carried over should you re-subscribed to any AllOUT promo. Cheers to accumulated data allowance! What a feat!

To enroll to ALLOUT99, just text ALLOUT99 send to 9999.

Here is the illustration of how this is a great savings for you:


  • 4 weeks (1 moth) x Php99 = Php396/month
  • 396/month = 4GB data allowance, free facebook, unlimited texts to all networks and 400 mins. calls to Smart, Talk n text and Sun.

My prior monthly subscription

  • 250/month = Unlimited texts to all networks, unlimited calls to Smart, talk n text and Sun

As you can see, there is only slight difference of Php146 as to the price but what’s good with AllOUT promo is that i am getting 4GB data allowance and on top of that is UNLI Facebook. Do not even try to argue about the unli calls because 400 minutes calls is like unlimited calls already. Duh! 🙄

Finally, this is essentially helpful for those who loves to travel because the 1GB data allowance and Unli facebook will definitely help them stay connected and post updates on their social media accounts with their instagrammable photos. So tag them along or share this to your friends.


Update as of 06/10/2017: Perks of ALLOUT99 has been upgraded. The prior 1GB data allowance and 100 trinet calls has been upgraded to 2GB data allowance and 200 trinet calls while the unli texts to all networks and unli facebook remain. Awesome and cheers Smart!



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