Need help with your iOS device? Let Apple fix it for you.

I know that it is troublesome for many to set-up or even to figure out how things work with their iOS device. People often resort to getting help from a nearby tech shop guy which i think is very frustrating, costly and it even display a threat on your privacy. 

Frustrating because these people do not know that they don’t really have to pay and get into trouble of voiding the warranty service of their expensive device just because the tech guy opened the unit. Well, i am here to the rescue and will put an end to this old and traditional habit!

I will walk you through on how you can get professional help from Apple without even breaking the bank. Getting help from Apple is a piece of cake! Really! So do not bother to bring your iOS device to anywhere else for diagnostics as this blog might be the key to your problem.

First, you have to prepare and take note of the following before you ask for help from apple:

  • Apple ID (if applicable)
  • Unit details – type of iOS device and version (ex. iPhone 7 or iPad mini)
  • Technical specifications of your device – IMEI and serial number. 

To get the technical specifications of your device, you just need to go to Settings>General>About (see illustration below).

Here is how you finally get help from Apple:

First option: you need to know that the easiest way to get help from Apple is to contact them thru their associated phone number per country. For Philippines, the toll free contact number are the following: 

You may click here for the complete list of associated phone number of Apple per country. But if your region or country is not listed on the site, you need to check your support options by clicking here.

Second option: If you are currently not available to talk and  you just want to booked a scheduled call with Apple support then this second option fits for you. This is also applicable for those who find comfort on chat support than getting a voice-call support.

To book for a scheduled call, you have to visit contact Apple support page then choose the applicable device you are having issues with or needing support. After that, you need to specify your issue with the iOS device then you will be routed to a page where you can either schedule a call or start a chat session. That’s it! See sample illustration below.

Please make sure that you have a good network coverage if you opt for call support. Surely, you do not want to keep on repeating yourself while trying to get your issue(s) resolved.

Before i will end this, i would just like to share my experience with Apple support. I got a new phone on November of 2016 and i was trying to set-up my new phone with my existing Apple ID but unfortunately, i am not receiving the code that apple is sending me to verify my identity. This authentication BTW is called by apple as “2-factor authentication process”. That is when i got hysterical knowing that all of my important files – contacts, password and the likes are stored in iCloud.

I also cannot take the idea that i can no longer redeem all my purchased apps, movies and songs if i will start a new Apple ID. Getting a new one is not my concern as i can definitely create a new one. But, given all that is mentioned, i obviously wont take the chance of losing my existing apple ID. I then called Apple to ask for help and just as expected they are really professional handling concern just like mine.

I will end this with some personal tips in relation to getting help with your iOS device:

  • Refrain from being the know-it-all man and assume the issues of your iOS device. Taking control and fixing it on your own might work but it post a great risk of damaging your device. 
  • Do not jump into conclusion. Do not assume that your device has hardware issues and that it needs to be physically checked by a service center right away. Why not give it try with a call/chat support first? It is for free anyway. 

Choose the device you are having issues or needing support
Specify your issue(s) with the iOS Device
Specify your preferred support: Schedule a call or chat
Specify your preferred support: Schedule a call or chat
Do you have questions or clarifications? Please leave it as a comment and i will get back to you ASAP.

Also, if you want to know how to create a new apple ID, please just leave a comment and i will help you on how to do it. 😉

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