Getgo: your easy and straightforward guide to Cebu Pacific Loyalty Program

Just as promised on my previous blog post, i will walk you through on what you should know about Getgo and how you can make use out of its  perks and benefits.

All of the things which i will mention about the loyalty program is readily available at the FAQ section of the its official page but for the sake of those who wished to learn about the program from someone whose been a long time Getgo member and without getting confused, then, i got you covered!

Getgo is a loyalty program that works similar to the likes of Mabuhay Miles of Philippine Airlines and Skymiles of Delta Airlines. Basically, what you will get from joining the program is that you will discover yourself to an unending promos and discounts! Sounds good and exciting, right?

Aside from getting discounts and availing exclusive promos, Getgo will also help you facilitate a much efficient flight booking process should you need to book for a flight as you will no longer need to provide your personal info or any members of your circle. Thus, this will cut the time in securing that discounted seat!

For you to enjoy all the perks i mentioned, you need to enroll/join the program. To do so, you need to head-over to the its website and right in the home page, there is an option to “Join”. Just provide all that is being asked and make sure to provide your correct and exact address as all communications and notices will be sent to the address provided. 

Earning points: Once enrolled, all that you need to do is earn points as much as you can so you may redeem it for future use. Earning points is possible by either flying Cebu Pacific or Cebgo flights and thru partner merchants. For flights, make sure to key in your assigned Getgo number so points will be automatically credited 7 days after flight departure. While for partner merchants, crediting of points varies from one partner to another. You may refer to full list of partners to know how can you earn points.
Note: you will be earning 1 point in every 5 peso spent on base fare and add-ons. Thus, your taxes and fees are excluded.

Redeeming points: Once logged in, you just need to head on to My Points and hit Redeem Points. For a complete guide, you may click here.

Circle: this refers to your network of people who can either help you earn points (Earning Circle) and/or share points (Sharing Circle). Cool, right? Let me explain the difference between the two this way: The former are your allies in earning points while the latter mentioned are the ones who will enjoy the perks of your points (The Kapwa). Having said that, your earning circle can be different from your sharing circle. In my case, and my tip for my readers is to make sure that you only include as your earning circle those who are frequent flyer of Cebu Pac/CebGo. You got to work as a team! Work work work!👫👭👬

Top-up: This refers to your payment option in settling the deficit amount of your booking. Example, the promo required me to redeem 60 points on my booking, but i have to settle the taxes and fees. To do so, i have the option to top-up using payment options available: debit/credit card or payment center. 

Are you thinking that you missed your points due to failure to provide getgo number upon booking of flight? Do not worry because you can call the hotline atleast 4 hours prior your flight to ensure crediting of points 7 days after depature time. Unlike before, missing points may be filed online thru Getgo account. But starting April 1, 2017 you cannot file for missing points for any boarded flights. Hence, make sure to key in that 10-digit membership number upon booking of flight(s) or it will go to waste.
Furthermore, here are my personal tips for those who are still new to Getgo:

  1. Wait for a much appealing promo requiring minimal number of points to redeem. Like in my case, i only redeemed a total of 60 points for my Gensan-Manila-International Destination-Manila-Gensan flight. Amazing, right?
  2. Remind your earning circle to key-in their respective Getgo number in every flight booking.
  3. Bring your Getgo card always, especially in availing discounts from partners like hotels. Most of Getgo partners will require you to present your Getgo card to avail discounts.
  4. In case you failed to follow Tip number 4, do not be skeptical! You can still ask the partner merchant if you can just provide a screenshot copy of your Getgo membership to avail of the discount. They may either allow you or they will just offer a similar or better discount. Like in my experience, i forgot my Getgo card and i want to avail of the discounted rate of Bellevue Hotel, i called them first if i can just present a proof of membership. But the officer did not allow me and instead offered a much better discount! Wooaaahh 🙀(i know that it was a better discount because i did my own calculations). HAHA.
  5. Do not worry on your redeemed points should you intend not to confirm your booking. The points on any unconfirmed booking will be reflected back to your account. Ayos! This might cause confusion, so let me emphasize that i am talking about unconfirmed booking and not about cancelled booking. Once cancelled, redeemed points will never be credited back to your account but you are entitled to travel fund as a form of refund. Booking will be treated as “unconfirmed” if you failed to settle top-up for deficit amount.
  6. Points for accounts which are “inactive” for 12 months will be forfeited. Account will be automatically reinstated once you earned point(s). Thus, it is a must to at least earn points every once in a while. You can earn 1 point in every Php 100 spent in Robinsons department store. That will suffice to remain your account active.

For questions about Getgo, please leave it as a comment and i shall get back to you ASAP. 😉

I would be glad to see you redeem your points, so please tag me on my instagram and facebook account if this blog helped you unlocked the mystery of Getgo. 

Time to keep going!



2 thoughts on “Getgo: your easy and straightforward guide to Cebu Pacific Loyalty Program

  1. Mary Grace C. Reyes says:

    Hello. Thank you for writing these. Ask ko lang po how long para maibalik ung points na nawala due to unsettled balance? 2days ago nagbook ako at nagredeem ngayon lang po nagclose ung booking ko. Pero wala parin un points…


    1. itsmejdee says:

      Hi Mary Grace!

      Hindi pa klaro kung ilang oras o araw bago maibalik yung unused points. As observed with my previous bookings, unused points are usually returned within 24 hours after na auto cancel ang booking due to non payment of balance.

      Pwede din na i contact mo ang Getgo Team thru their page on various social networking sites para ma i-retrieve yung missing na unused points. Just prepare in hand yung flight details so they can look into your flight booking.


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