Getgo – how i got FREE airfare ticket in 3 easy STEPS!

Some of you might have learned or heard about Getgo or this might be your first time. But either way, i am not writing this to go into the details of the terms and technicalities of Getgo (i will talk about it on a separate blog post – that’s a promise! [insert pinky swear here]).

Instead, on this first blog post, i am so excited that i want to jump straight into the details on how you can take a FREE plane ticket! 🎟 Yes, you got it right, its free and everyone loves free goods and services. Who doesn’t anyway? HAHA. Proof? See photo.

It was after office when i got an email from Getgo that they have current promotion which will allow you to book a flight for free by redeeming points on all domestic and international destinations!

  1. First of, you must have an active getgo account with points which will serve you best to get free tix! Wotwot!
  2. Second, you have to log in to your account and head over to “My points” and hit redeem points. This is where the “make it, or break it” moment for some, just like when i tried it the very first time. You have to make sure that you disabled block pop-ups on your safari settings (for iOS) or on your browser settings (just leave a comment if you want me to show you how to do it). Otherwise, you will never be routed to the booking page for Getgo members and end up frustrated! Good thing i found a way around it! 🎖
  3. Third, on Getgo booking page, you can already book a flight either using your own Getgo points or a sharing circle points ( i will discuss about sharing circle on a separate blog post). 

Please note that in every Getgo promotion, there is a corresponding terms and conditions. Thus, i highly suggest for you to read it prior to redemption of promo. You have to take note of the following: 

  • Travel Period – wag agad magalit kay CebuPac bes kung sa tingin mo hindi totoo ang promo. Baka naman kasi hindi yun sakop nang travel period. Relax and magbasa! Also, it doesn’t mean that since the travel period says August to November, all the inclusive dates are sold at a sale price. Remember the virtue? Yes please, patience!

  • Promo Period – FYI lang friend, magkaiba ang travel period sa promo period. Wag mag panic at balikan ang mechanics nang promo.

  • Read the promo mechanics – most of the promotions of Getgo is applicable per way (one way and not rountrip) but you can always check both.
  • Given the above aforementioned, make sure to prepare pen and paper as you will have to take down notes on dates applicable for you. Try and try hanggang pasok sya sa Annual VL mo bes. Kapit lang. 👯‍♂️
  • Fast wifi connection – make sure to have fast wifi connection as this may be the reason why redeeming is such a hassle experience for you and while for others, it is a piece of cake. Trust me, this matters! I experienced it once – gettting the same error message overtime and when i called Getgo contact center, i was informed to clear cache and connect to a fast wifi connection and viola! It worked!

As you know, one thing that is certain in this world is Tax. So the only catch is that you need the following: 1.) Getgo account, 2.) Getgo points; and 3.) to pay the corresponding Tax. Ofcourse, CebuPac already gave you free ticket, so please do not expect them to cover the tax for you.

Lastly, please follow Getgo page on facebook and check their website from time to time as they more often quick in giving updates on facebook  than on their website. Redemption of ticket requires virtue – Patience! Mag ipon ka nang marami nito. I am saying this because due to volume of people trying to access the page, system often fails. It has been only 2 years since Getgo was launched so we need to extend our consideration on the Getgo Team.

Questions? How much did i paid for the Tax? Hit the comment section! Go ahead! Wag mahiyang magtanong (in the tune of ritemed TV Ad). HAHA

May the odds be in your favor!

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I would be glad to see you redeem your points, so please tag me along on my instagram and facebook account if this blog helped you unlocked the mystery of Getgo. 

Time to keep going!



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